Just Another Twenty-Something Musing

It wasn’t too long ago when I celebrated my birthday, and as I had reached my late 20s, I would find myself reminiscing back to my younger years more frequently than ever. Back in those days, especially when I was still confined within the four corners of school, all I could ever think of was how excited I was to be an actual grown-up, especially the part where I could finally start making my own money, getting to call my own shots and do whatever the heck I wanted.

Fast-forward to the time where this is already my current reality, I wanted to laugh at myself for actually wanting to rush into it. Sure, it has its own perks like earning your own money, having more freedom in adjusting your curfew, getting to go to your favorite places alone or with your group of closest friends just to name a few.

But the adult life I was envisioning back then?

Totally far from where I’m currently at.

Now I couldn’t help but actually have all of these cliched realizations. If I could, I would travel back to at least 10 years ago and give my teenager self a pat on the back and give her that much-needed needed pep talk. For the past 20 years or so… (actually, let’s start counting at that time I was already aware on the workings of my mind and senses),  I’ve made a lot of bad decisions and did some things which I wasn’t exactly proud of. I could say there were a number of missed opportunities and tons of what-could-have-been. I used to think that I had to reach a certain age before I could call it living. It would take me a lot of misleading detours and wrong turns before I would come to my senses and fully realize what it truly meant to actually live life in the moment.

At 28, my life is still far from the dream one and chances are, it’s still a long way to go. I can already imagine that long and winding road up ahead, waiting to be crossed on or probably even constructed along the way, and that, my friends, is what makes the journey worth the while.

Besides, we all gotta start somewhere anyway, right?

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