About Me


Meet the Blogger

Lis is a 20-something-year-old gal residing in one of the 7,107 islands located in Southeast Asia, or more commonly known as the Philippines.

She has a degree in BS Psychology and is currently a corporate worker on the weekdays and a daydreamer at almost any time of the day. She's a sap for anything Korean, rom-com movies/TV series with a dash of sci-fi and action, chic lits, and anything Disney-related. In fact, one of her craziest, wildest dreams is to actually become a Disney Princess. They said to dream big, so why not, right!?

Lis also has a penchant for creative writing, blogging, fashion styling, music, traveling, photography and even a little bit of event organizing (...if family events are counted).

If you appreciate these things and some random musings about life in between (or you're just a random passerby who cluelessly stumbled upon this page), then welcome aboard!